Sky Wars: Edge of the Kingdom RPG

We’re proud to announce the Beta book for Sky Wars: Edge of the Kingdom, a 100% free, fan-made fantasy conversion for Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG line.

1-cover-page Explore Osfilia, a loose collection of realms still working to recover more than thirty years after the devastation caused by the Sky Wars. Players may choose from eight races, able to become powerful mages, devout paladins, shapeshifting druids or follow any combination of eighteen different career paths.

Using the rules from any of FFG’s Star Wars core rulebooks (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force & Destiny), GMs and players will be able to create new adventures in what we hope will be an exciting fantasy sandbox.

Sky Wars: Edge of the Kingdom features:

  • New and updated rules to convert Sci-Fi to Fantasy
  • 8 Races, including Gnomes, Half Orcs, Dark Elves and Golems
  • Pages and pages of gorgeous artwork, donated by over 45 artists from
  • 19 Career trees including Monks, Dragoons, Warlocks, Diplomats and more
  • Brand new ability and spell trees granting fantastic powers and magic to each career
  • Fantasy-based gear including weapons, armor and equipment
  • Sky Wars-era mounts and airships
  • Complete templates for NPCs and Adversaries

Edge of the Kingdom Core Rulebook

Download Mirror 1: Edge of the Kingdom Beta v1

Download Mirror 2: Edge of the Kingdom Beta v1

Download Mirror 3: Edge of the Kingdom Beta v1

Character Sheet
Download Mirror 1: Edge of the Kingdom Character Sheet Beta v1
Download Mirror 2: Edge of the Kingdom Character Sheet Beta v1
Download Mirror 3: Edge of the Kingdom Character Sheet Beta v1



The World of Sky Wars:

Over thirty years have passed since the world of Osfilia was swept into a war that raged across its entire surface. Armies of demons and the undead swept across every continent, led by the Storm King and his massive, ferocious dragons.  Thousands of desperate, pitched battles raged across  the surface of the world for years, destroying  villages and towns, swallowing up cities and blackening  fields.

Millions died in fire.

Finally, the races of Osfilia united together; elves, humans and dwarves joined the ‘Covenant of All’, a pact that  llied the so-called ‘lower’ races of centaurs, orcs and giants – any who had yet to fall under the Storm King’s thrall. The alliance was successful in driving back the dark armies of the dread lords – the Storm King and his dread lords perished in the battle.  An uneasy peace feel across the land for many years – but recently there have been increased reports of missing people, brazen attacks by previously cowardly creatures, and stories too disturbing to be related here.

No one has seen a dragon in 30 years…

Until now.


We’re going to be actively monitoring and collecting any and all feedback around rule changes and balance, feedback on abilities and talents – what worked and what didn’t, etc. Please feel free to share your criticism, support and most importantly gaming stories here and on r/skywarsrpg


The final draft of Edge of the Kingdom, with expanded world content, game mechanic rules and an introductory adventure, is scheduled for release online in 2017.We’re also more than happy to take on contributors and support – writing, editing, art, design work or even web help would be much appreciated!