The X-Files Miniseries Gets a 1 Minute Teaser

Fox has released the first minute of the new season of the X-Files as a teaser!

Do You Still Believe?

The clip is just a number of photographs that are clearly stills from the original series, so we’re not seeing anything new just yet, but apparently this is the first minute of the new season, airing with a 2-hour season premiere on January 24th on Fox.

Jan 12 X-files 1 minute intro social media

The website has the clip, a reminder notification (like we’d ever forget!) and an interesting social media integration that allows you to upload a pseudo-creepy image of yourself.

Jan 12 X-files 1 minute intro rob pic

It’s been 14 years since the last episode aired – though true fans might argue the series ended when Fox Mulder left the show.

The X-files will return with a 6 episode miniseries on January 24th.

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