Star Trek: Discovery TV Series Delayed Until May 2017

Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek: Discovery TV series has been delayed until May of 2017, pushing it back from the original January 2017 launch date.

We’re really pumped for Bryan Fuller (who wrote for Star Trek previously and created Hannibal) and the new Star Trek: Discovery TV series. Despite the fact that it’s going to be on CBS All Access streaming network, which A) Requires a cable subscription B) Costs money C) Runs ads (At least Netflix has international distribution rights, which means we’ll probably see it on the service at some point soon). Also despite the fact that the new ship looks like a golden mushy combination of a Klingon Warbird and a Federation ship.

Unfortunately, production has been delayed on the insanely anticipated series, as they no doubt struggle with creating a new star trek series. It’s been over 10 years since TV has seen any trek, and Fuller is committed to making sure what comes out is of the highest quality.

“We aim to dream big and deliver, and that means making sure the demands of physical and post-production for a show that takes place entirely in space, and the need to meet an air date, don’t result in compromised quality,” they continued. “Before heading into production, we evaluated these realities with our partners at CBS and they agreed: ‘Star Trek’ deserves the very best, and these extra few months will help us achieve a vision we can all be proud of.”

Hopefully the series won’t get pushed back any further, though we do have confirmation that Discovery will begin shooting in Toronto in November.

Fuller retweeted a great response to the news of the delay, which I think most Trek fans (Trekkers, Trekkies, whatever) will agree with:


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