Top 10 Alan Rickman Moments

Earlier this week, we lost one of the most distinctive British voices in geek culture, and I’m not even talking about the unfortunate loss of David Bowie. We remember Alan Rickman in his top 10 best roles.

The Expanse: Halfway To Earth


If you’ve been thinking about starting to watch Syfy’s The Expanse, here’s a flavour review for you. I won’t get into many plot points, but there is a lot of discussion about characters and their relationships, worldbuilding and such. I’ll call them light spoilers. 

You should be playing Magic: the Gathering

I started playing Magic: The Gathering (MTG) in high school when I was 15 years old, after my friend Jay introduced the trading card game to me, along with our mutual friends. As teenagers growing up in a small city (Sarnia, Ontario), we had limited options for entertainment, so we embraced Magic pretty much immediately after we started playing.